Pakistani state television reported

The 15th Health Asia & Pharma Asia Exhibition 2018 was grandly held in Karachi on September 11. Health Asia & Pharma Asia is the only UFI-certified medical and pharmaceutical exhibition in Pakistan, and the best platform for Chinese companies to enter the untapped market of Pakistan. This exhibition showcases the latest medical , diagnostic devices and medical service facilities, it providing exhibitors and buyers, decision-makers with an opportunity to discuss and cooperate face to face.


Senior Pakistani government officials were invited to attend and speak. The exhibition is highly professional and open only to all doctors, professional buyers, medical professionals, medical companies and medical students. The main participating countries are: China, UAE, Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, India, USA, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Switzerland and Britain, the audience reached 75,320 .

The exhibition showcases the world's numerous newest medical devices, medical service facilities and products. The high-tech product of the stand of Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd -- Enokon Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch, which has attracted the attention of many doctors, professional buyers, medical personnel and medical enterprises. Medical cooling Gel Patches are very traditional, very common and frequently used products. However, Medical Cooling Gel Patches with high viscosity, rapid cooling, and the ability to change color with the change of temperature are really high-tech products, which have never been seen before. This product is the first time to appear at an international exhibition. All the customers who visit the booth are full of praise for this amazing Cooling Gel Patch. On the spot, dozens of international trade companies in Pakistan expressed their intention to cooperate exclusively. What kind of product is it that attracts a lot of buyers so favor?

Now let's have a detailed look at this Enokon Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch: 


一、 Using new polymer gel

After years of research and development, the professional research team of Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Instrument Co,Ltd. successfully developed this new type of polymer gel. The gels are clear like crystals and contain a lot of water,with high drug content(11-12g); The surface of the cloth uses light and thin special non-woven cloth, thus the water easy to evaporate and the pyretolysis is effective and lasting.

With less water content, the hydrogel used in congeneric products is relatively dim and muddy. Besides, It has low drug content, usually just 7-8g, the cloth surface is very thick and slow to dissipate heat, the pyretolysis is poorly effective.

二、 Super high viscosity

The R&D team of Yupintang has visited hundreds of community clinics and interviewed thousands of parents of children using Medical Cooling Gel Patches, because children are active, they are not only concerned with the product antipyretic effect but also with the viscosity of the product. The R&D team of Yupintang made repeated tests, the initial adhesion and permanence adhesion achieved the highest level in the industry through continuous thousands of repeated experiments and formula adjustment. Market feedback, a child with dancing skills, a Enokon Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch was pasted on his forehead, and he performing the movements such as jumping and turning, the Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch was firmly pasted on the child's forehead.

Common Cooling Gel Patch can easily fall off the forehead due to lack of stickiness. Even if you put it on your forehead again, it will fall off again, If it can't guarantee even the most basic stickiness let alone the antipyretic effect.

三、Heat discoloration technology

Besides the basic function of pyretolysisand cooling, Enokon Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch adds heat discoloration function. Sticking it to the forehead of someone running a fever. When the degree above 38℃, after absorbing heat, the color change of hydrogel can be directly seen from the non-woven cloth, the hydrogel begin to fade until from purple turns to pink. When the degree below 38℃, the color of the hydrogel will gradually change from pink to purple. Form the effect of high heat discoloration and low heat recovery. Through observing the color change to achieve the purpose of monitoring body temperature, which is convenient for parents to observe the change of baby’s body temperature.

This Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch not only has the above three unique features, but also is a very safe, green and environmentally friendly product. The core raw material of the discoloration has passed the authority test of SGS, and the whole product has passed the third party test of Pony testing company, which proves that the product is safe and harmless.

Such a good product is so popular in the Chinese market that it has also received special courtesy in Pakistan. The Pakistan National TV station, which collects and reports high-tech products at the exhibition, is attracted by this magical color-changing medical Cooling Gel Patch. Before the end of the exhibition, they came to the booth of Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. to interview and report on our Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch.

Our participation in this exhibition not only brought our Color-Changing Medical Cooling Gel Patch, but also our Eye Patch and Far Infrared Plaster. Let our excellent products not only benefit the Chinese people, but also the Pakistani people and bring good news to the Pakistani patients. Let us become the emissaries of China-Pakistan friendship and wish our friendship lasting forever!