Development Path

In July 2010, we registered Zhengzhou Miao Caotang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; in March 2012, we established the first factory Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
In May 2014, the second factory, Zhengzhou Miao Caotang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started construction; in April 2015, it was officially put into operation, and a series of healthy foods began to appear on the market.
In April 2017, we launched a new retail marketing model to achieve online and offline integration. Help agents and pharmacies to double sales and double profits without increasing investment.
In May 2018, 50 acres of industrial land was purchased for the expansion of the production of Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
In July 2018, the Ministry of International Trade was established and began to operate international trade and open up overseas markets. Our quality products will go abroad to the world, so that more patients benefit from us.