Company Profile

In July 2010, we registered Zhengzhou Miao Caotang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and in March 2012 we established the first factory, Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Devices Co., Ltd., and in May 2014, the second plant, Zhengzhou Miaocaotang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started construction, put into production and operation in 2015, in July 2016, in order to meet the expansion of production scale, improvement of production conditions and standardization of production management, the factory of Zhengzhou Yupinang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was relocated to a self-purchased standardized industrial plant. In May 2018, 50 acres of industrial land was purchased for the expansion of the production of Zhengzhou Yupintang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. In July 2018, the Ministry of International Trade was established and began to operate international trade and open up overseas markets.
The rapid development of the group company in these small steps has benefited from the company's production philosophy from the very beginning: always regard the patient as the ultimate God as our production philosophy. To ensure the quality of the products, all the raw materials used in the production are domestic. There are many raw materials that can be procured, and there are only a few raw materials produced in China, and some are imported raw materials to ensure that the products have competitive advantages in similar products. The company has never made advertisements since its inception, and has been providing products and services for the agents of the terminal. Anyone who has used the products of the two factories under the Miaocaotang Group will be deeply impressed by the authenticity of the company's products and the benefits it brings to him. This is also the basis of our success; we treat all agents as a colleague who works together from beginning to end, how to serve agents well, and solve agents in the market. All the problems, assisting to open the sales of products in the local market to help agents to do sales is always our goal.
In July 2018, we participated in the largest international medical equipment event in India. Our unique and high-quality products attracted a large number of foreign merchants and asked for cooperation, including India's largest medical device foreign trade company. In response to the company's foreign trade demand, in September, we will participate in the Pakistan International Medical Equipment Exhibition; in October, Indonesia International Medical Equipment Exhibition. In addition, we will also visit the medical equipment exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Dubai and so on.
     We always adhere to the business philosophy of integrity management, and wholeheartedly serve customers and develop together with customers. Since the establishment of the Ministry of International Trade, our quality products will go abroad to the world, so that more patients benefit from us.